What Is Your Identity?

In this world of ours, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd, It is very easy to feel unseen, unknown and unloved. The situation is worse in our current society.

The unquenchable thirst for fame, and desire to be valued by society has made the world so competitive that much more people are falling out of place with themselves.

Our society is designed to favour affluence and fame. And so to find a place in that society, you must get both of these, notwithstanding how you get them. This has led to a striking increase in criminal and fraudulent activities and very sharp outburst of false lifestyles. People create a surreal lifestyle that is out of tune with reality, forcing more people into inferiority complex and greedy desires.

This is the world we live in dear friend. The current is too fast for anyone who is not solidly holding unto a support system. Many who have been swept by the wave are even oblivious of that fact.
Therefore, this calls for a very strong sense of self awareness.

To be able to withstand this great wave, we must build our confidence and self awareness on the most solid rock.

I like to think that Jesus knew what this world will come to when He gave the parable of the two builders.
The one who built on sand in our context is that person whose confidence and sense of worth is on his/looks, achievements, followership, and abilities..etc.

When any of these fails, and they will, he/she falls out of place and strives to get them even at the cost of their integrity. He is the one who compromises their faith at any given opportunity.
But the man who builds on the rock has already found a strong support in the Word of God and around it, built his/her sense of worth. This person is unfazed by the myriad of activities trying to undermine him. He does not compromise for anything because the truth within him is stronger than whatever is thrown his way.

Here is one of such truths Haggai 2:23- God has made us His signet.
The seal that proves we originated from Him. You are the proof of all of God’s glory, God’s very own signature.

Consider this, you can buy a T-shirt from a discount store and its worth is simply that of a cleaning piece of rag. But the moment a celebrity signs on that shirt, its immediately worth thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars depending on the celebrity status. The value of the shirt is no longer placed on the looks or cost, but on the personality of the one who imprinted on it.

So it is with a child of God. Despite your background, looks, level of education, or achievement, you personal values come from God who has imprinted on you. And you can only be swallowed up by what swallows God.

Are you struggling to find your place in this life, society? Are you weighed down by the constant feeling of inferiority? Are the voices around you telling you that you can’t amount to anything? The solution is easy; Allow God to imprint His persona on you. Undertake to carry the identity of God rather than yours. For if He be lifted in us, He will draw all men to Him and you. And when the ways of a man pleases God, He makes even His enemies to be at peace with Him.
The glory you seek lies in the Imprint of God in your life.

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