What Follows Your Name?

Him: ‘Who is that lady working in our field? I have never seen her before..’

Them: ‘Her name is Ruth, she is the daughter-in-law of Naomi who followed her from Moab, she refused to leave her even after the loss of her husband and even after Naomi asked her to. She followed her and has been taking care of her ever since.

Him: WOW!!!

Every action you take, whether good or bad, follows your name. Whenever your name is mentioned anywhere, those deeds and impressions come to mind immediately and this contributes to how you are treated. Ruth was working at a field and when Boaz needed to identify her, her good deeds were mentioned along with her name and Boaz commanded her to be treated well.

Jeroboam took an action out of fear and caused Israel to sin and almost all the time his name was mentioned, attached to it was ‘who made Israel to sin’. his action followed his name forever.

We live each day as it comes and so it always seems as though our history is wiped as the day ends. But we must realize that even though each day starts afresh, our actions leave a trail for people to follow. At the beginning of the trails is our name.

The actions of Jesus made His name to be revered by man and spirits. Imagine that Jesus came to earth and lived carelessly, no demon will tremble when they hear his name. He knew that His name is supposed to bring salvation to mankind, if He did what He was supposed to do, and He refused to be distracted by the devil or the opposition until he lived up to that expectation and till now, anytime the name of Jesus is mentioned, things are not the same.

Your name determines not only how you are treated but also how everyone else associated with you(relations or acquaintances) are treated. When you realize this, it lays a certain amount of responsibility on you for those around you and that responsibility should make you careful. You can be a blessing or an obstacle to them.

The amazing thing is that your name has the ability to travel ahead of you. It goes to the places you can’t go. While they are there, they can either bring you fortune or misfortune. You owe it to yourself to live a life that will cause your name to bring you fortune.

So many soil their name in pursuit of wealth and fame but true wealth is in a good name. A good name is better than precious ointments(Eccl 7:1)

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