Useful 2 (Contd.)

Dear Teen,

Do you remember what we talked about the last time about your sense of worth? Here are so more disadvantages of building your self-esteem and worth on fleeting things: (contd…)

Also, because you do not have that inward ability to love and accept yourself, external factors will always affect you. Of course, they will, because your sense of worth is external and so can easily be destroyed by external stimulus. And that is why you misinterpret peoples’ actions and reactions towards you; someone laughs and you are so sure they laughed at you. This is because, in your mind’s eye, you are already laughing at yourself.

You will find it hard to accept people in your life and maintaining quality relationships will be difficult. How can you accept any other when you haven’t accepted your own self? How can you feel accepted either? Your company will just be birds of a feather with no value given or received.

But what if your sense of worth comes from within?

You will find peace even in the most turbulent places. You will not have any need to compete with anyone and so you will find yourself living at peace with others, which is God’s important expectation from us.

When your source of worth is from the virtues within you, you don’t have to struggle to keep it, you don’t feel threatened. You don’t have to do anything at all except to simply be yourself, and all your efforts will be invested in improving who you already are. You will become the best version of yourself.

This opens your eyes of understanding and helps you know when and how to react to certain stimulus and you will not be affected by the actions of people, even when they are directed at you.

Dear teen, you will not be pressured into unacceptable lifestyles to make you feel useful or relevant if you know that your sense of being is in God and deep within you.

You will build your life and comfort around the things that are admirable.

So quit listening to that voice that tells you that you are not complete or useful.

That voice that tells you that you need the most expensive clothes or the most revealing clothes to join the trend is not the right voice for you.

Listen to that still small voice inside you telling you; “You are a signet ring in My hands. I will use you to affect this generation.”

To be continued…

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