Unwitting Devices Of The Perfect Enemy

Let us take a journey into the deep mysteries of the beginning of the troubles of this young man called Job and to find out the role that his wife had to play as a gate through which either good or evil was going to befall Job.

There was a transaction that took place in the spirit realm that gave rise to the sequence of events that characterized the first chapter of Job.

So, we see that Job was a perfect man according to God’s estimation, and because a perfect man must have a perfect enemy, Satan was at hand to fulfil that job description of a perfect enemy.

As was the case with Jesus the son of God who was the next perfect man that we see in scriptures, He (Jesus) had to undergo suffering in order to become perfect. Even though in the case of Job, God already acclaimed him to be perfect, but he still had to undergo suffering.

The goal of Satan was to kill Job during his period of suffering, but not just to kill his flesh, but to also take ownership of Job’s soul and to take dominion of Job’s place in the spirit realm and to prove God wrong.

The battle was for His soul, the battle was also a kingdom battle. The devil had been walking to and fro also known as a priestly walk (to halak: to walk to and fro) all over the earth, to take ownership of the earth, (wherever the sole of your feet shall tread upon that shall I give you for a possession) and he found out that there was a place that he could not take possession of. And on further investigation he discovered that there was a man who adequately understood the dominion mandate that God gave to man over the earth realm, and had taken possession of that entire place, and also dressed and kept his garden.

And so, Satan concluded that the only way to take possession of that place was to eliminate Job. But he couldn’t do that just because he desired to do it, Job had an insurance that was greater than death, an insurance that death had to respect and bow down to. Just like Adam, as long as Adam was in tune with God, he could not die, and to ensure that he successfully killed Adam, Satan had to make sure that Adam first of all be disconnected from God. Job was the same, Satan needed a legal ground through which he could get the license to kill Job, and the only way he could do that was make sure that Job cursed God.

Because of the Level that Job had reached in God, a curse from Job to God was a death warrant, it was the quickest way to the grave both physically and spiritually.

So, with the permission of God, suffering was activated in the life of Job, and the devil possessed Job’s wife (maybe momentarily). 

To ensure that the agenda was not lost on Job, the devil used her to utter the four words that could have derailed a perfect man, a man that feared God, and eschewed evil.

Four words from Job’s wife by the inspiration of the devil had the potential to destroy the investment of God and the sacrifices of Job all through his life. 

Sometimes, our good intentions are what will lead to our submitting unwittingly to the bidding of devil. Peradventure, Job’s wife had seen the pain that her husband was passing through, and out of pity, in-order to end the suffering so fast, she uttered those Destiny maligning words, earth shattering words.


Just like the devil possessed Peter when Jesus was about going to the cross and Peter was standing as a hindrance.

So many people have been unwitting servants of the devil, doing the devil’s bidding without them knowing, and some know, but yet they go ahead to carry out the bidding of the devil.

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