This Forgiveness – pt.2

So, do people actually deserve forgiveness? Is there anything a person can do that will make you say that he/she now deserves your forgiveness?

Let’s answer that by asking: “What makes you think it has to be deserved in the first place and who certified the standard you are using to judge?” Well, it couldn’t have been God because in His example, He sent His forgiveness(Christ) for every single person, no matter the gravity of the offense and irrespective of if they felt remorse or not. As a matter of fact, He sent it ahead for generations to come. Now all you need is to key in by accepting His forgiveness(Christ).

We can now say that His expectation is that forgiveness should already be programmed or installed in us, in preparation of offenses that come our way. 1st Pet 2:20-25. The due judgement belongs to God.

Easier said than done… This is very true because forgiveness drives you against the natural current. In other words, it is a call to be abnormal. In fact it is a supernatural ability because a natural man cannot forgive, it is not part of his build. So if you are finding it hard, do not beat yourself up just yet. You can’t magically expect to give out what you don’t have, all you need to do now is to seek to get that ability. But let’s understand these too:

Forgiveness is an evidence of growth and maturity because it is a product of understanding. One of the evidence of growth is change in cognitive ability that is change in how you see things; your perspective.

While this is applicable physically as we grow and understand and decide to let go of some things, it is most importantly part of spiritual growth, it affects:

  • How you see the action or the motive behind it; You will be able to understand what triggered the action in the first place and rise above it. You will also be able to see beyond the person and know that the enemy you can’t see is behind the action even oblivious to the person sometimes.
  • How you react to it; it can help you see the future repercussions of using evil to pay back evil and you will be able to make a choice after weighing the option. You would also come to realize that the triumph of vengeance is fleeting and accompanied by regrets.
  • How it affects your inner peace; you will understand that ultimately, holding onto your resentment is like holding onto fire and burning steel. It harms you the most while releasing it leaves you light and at peace. You don’t have to suffer twice.
  • How love covers things. You would understand that love is a better healer than vengeance. 

Most importantly, it can draw you closer to know the personality of God, because you will begin to understand Him more and why He does things the way He does.

This is because the ability we need to make the choice of forgiveness is implanted by His HOLY SPIRIT who is in Him, and maintained through constant practice and renewal.

So are you finding it hard to forgive? It’s time to let the Enabler in. The Spirit of creation can create it in you if only you ask.

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