The Weeping Gold And The Wicked Refiner

Far from punishment is the intention of the refiner towards the gold but beautification, so it could wholly manifest its created glory and beauty.
Gold as we know is an elemental metal of great value. It is figuratively used for anything or anyone that is very valuable or considered such of inestimable worth.
Everyone loves to be addressed as golden. Even in some countries gold is as valued as it defines the personalities of individuals.
It is not derogatory to say that gold never possessed such valence at the initial stage. The gold ore is never in any way desirable by the physical eyes of anyone who has love for beauty neither does it record any case of admiration.
The value, beauty, worth is only seen by the eyes of the refiner who understands the end product of the gold ore. He alone understands that all it needs to unleash its captivating beauty is just a touch!
In order to extract the gold from the ore, it is passed through several processes like crushing, then separation by various methods. The processes involved in the isolation of pure gold may be quite complex but an imperative one. This process is ranged from chemical exposure to heat exposure.
The two most common employed method to derive pure gold are the Miller process and the Wohlwill process. In either of the process the gold is not pampered but exposed to strong chemicals, harsh conditions in oder to achieve a target which is to remove the impurities from the gold and present it in its pure form, with the intention of making it what it should be.
Why must I pass through this, am I the only precious stone in the world, why must it be through this process that my glory and beauty can be seen, why is he punishing me this way, why doesn’t he love me yet claims so? Cried the innocent gold.
This is not an act of wickedness, hate, anger, displeasure or any sort of retribution my love. I have to let you pass through this phase of life so you can be what you ought to be. You’re created to be the envy of all creature, to command the attention of all, to show glory and be used as a comparative figure to the city of God. How then can you become all of these without passing through the process? It is a rigorous, painful, unpleasant but expedient experience, said the refiner.
Remember, No Suffering, No Glory!
This is the case of people all over the globe. We complain and cry like this gold. We feel God is so unkind to us by letting us pass through some rigorous experiences, some challenges that are actually overwhelming just like the gold is passed through the fire. Sometimes we feel he abandoned us right in the fire, and yeah the refiner doesn’t enter with the gold into the fire but stays right there watching the gold. God will never leave his children nor abandon his people but stays right beside them even when the heat of life’s situation scourges them to the peak.
Without sufferings how can we glory and what do we have to glory of? The hardships, challenges, oppositions, difficulties, pains and troubles that God allowed us go through are to refine us and bring out the glory and beauty in us.
Remember the case of Jesus who was spat upon, scourged, wounded, pierced, buffeted, mocked and eventually killed, yet his father in the person of God turned his face from him because it was an expedient fire that he must be passed through for him to reveal glory. And what do we have today, the same Jesus as the king of Glory! Hallelujah!
The process of refining remember is never a sweet one. You may be crushed, exposed to harsh conditions, heated up in the trying fire and drenched with tears but all works for the same purpose of separating the pure gold from the ore.
It is in the habit of God to train his children through the tough paths. He may shake the nest and flutter His wings over you as the eagle does, yet He is faithful enough to bear you on His wings again (Deuteronomy 32:11).
This is a truth we must all come to terms with if we must be glorified at the end of whatever it is we pass through. Ever since the Lord revealed this truth, even in the midst of the scourge, I only have three words: “Lord go ahead”. And just like I do, this should be the response of all so our glory can be revealed through it all.
Again remember, the gold doesn’t last forever in the fire, therefore yours has an end. You only have to trust God through the process as a faithful refiner.
Just like the obedient and yielded gold, we have to remain in that fire and never exit before the refining time is over else we risk the beauty to be revealed. It is dangerous to exit before the process ends.
Never resist God passing you through the refining process.
Also understand that the refiner has a very large understanding. He feels the heat from the fire when he goes close to check the gold. He knows that it is very painful and not convenient but you must still trust him throughout the entire refining process.
It is okay to cry, the gold cried but it is never okay to lose faith in the refiner. Remember the little beautiful gold sits right in there till the refiner says “all done!”
You could come to God as the ore, perhaps blackened by sin but as you surrender to the refining process, at the end of it you’ll be turned to a sin-free soul, whitened by the blood. Passing through the cleansing blood of Jesus is the greatest refining process. Have you been refined or are you still in the ore form?
1 Corinthians 10 verse 13 tells us that God, the refiner will make the condition bearable.
Receive grave to be passed through the fire, in Jesus name.

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