The Wedding Dress – Pt. 2

A week to my wedding day I had received my wedding dress. The excitement was overwhelming as I hurriedly put on the dress. Looking at the mirror before me, I admired the dress on me. The colour combination and design were just what I wanted.

But I couldn’t breathe freely because It was so tight on me and the length was too long. I had to return it back to the dress maker for some adjustments.

Some ladies go through this process of adjusting their wedding dress so that it fits perfectly.

If you never adjusted your wedding dress then you would have adjusted one of your good dresses.

Marriage is a school and journey of adjustment. If you aren’t ready to adjust then be sure to be disjointed.

I asked a woman who has been married for 27 years, what things she needed to adjust to as she got married, and here’s a list of what she said;

She said, before she got married, she disliked people who snored while sleeping, she couldn’t live for 30 minutes with a dirty person, she’s so organized, she was materialistic, she wasn’t a giver but her husband is a generous giver. Her husband could shout for any little thing.

Her first night was turned into vigil because of the thunderous snoring from her husband. He was so disorganized and dirty, procrastinating, he disliked people who are materialistic and he could give without saving up for tomorrow.

This is her husband and divorce was not an option. If she wanted her marriage to be successful, the only available option was to apply wisdom and adjust to things she couldn’t change like the snoring and generosity.

With wisdom, patience, respect and prayer she influenced her husband into the organized and neat man he is today. He speaks so gently. And he won her from the spirit of materialism.

Presently, her husband is so neat and organized that sometimes she wonders how it happened and in his generosity, he has learnt from her to save for tomorrow.

Today’s marriage, everyone desires to have a good marriage but only a few are willing to adjust.

A saying goes “everyone thinks of changing humanity but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Many women want to change their husband forgetting that you cannot change a man rather you have the God-given power to influence him.

You can only influence your husband through respect, patience, wisdom and prayer.

You don’t and can’t influence your husband by shouting, insulting or being disrespectful to him.

Look inward to areas where you can and should adjust, then be patient and respectful to your husband in those areas you want him to adjust. Communicate it to him once in a while and pray to God always for intervention.

A successful marriage is a home where the couple are always ready for adjustments.

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