The Updated Mind Of God

Knowing the names of God is not sufficient, but allowing God to live out His name in our lives is what matters.

When we call God Adonai, what comes to our mind? Is it just a name we call when we sing, pray for melody, or call sake? Or is it a name that, while we sing and cry in prayer, takes us to the deep beyond where we release our all to the Adonai who owns us and to whom we owe our lives?

Adonai means Master. So when we call God Adonai, we’re simply calling Him Master. And if we mean what we call Him, releasing ourselves to Him and knowing His mind and updated mind should be stress-free, and it also should be our way of life. 

Our father of faith, Abraham, understood the literal meaning of Adonai and lived it. Now, as we’ve aligned ourselves to be the seeds of Abraham, it is expedient we also learn the ways of Abraham in his walk with God.

The glory of Abraham was never without a story. Abraham and his wife Sarah were childless for years before God remembered Sarah and blessed them with the promised child, Isaac. 

A few years after the birth of Isaac, Adonai demanded an expensive sacrifice from Abraham, and that sacrifice was his son.

God was very specific to the son that he needed Abraham to sacrifice. He stated that it was his son whom he loved. And that son was Isaac.

It was indeed a hard nut to crack. Abraham thought of how to inform Sarah, his wife, of the mind of Adonai but knew it would cause a riot. So, he decided to carry out the assignment given to him by Adonai secretly.

While on the mountain to sacrifice Isaac to God, as he lifted his hand to slay his son, he had Adonai’s voice calling out to him to stop and instead use the lamb that was provided for the sacrifice.


Imagine Abraham failed to know the updated mind of God. He would have killed Isaac and blamed God when the problem began without realizing that God had updated His plan, request, or instruction. 

As children of God, knowing the mind of God is one thing, and knowing when He updates His mind towards us is very important because failure to do that will lead to blame, regrets, and sometimes agony.

You may have sought the mind of God regarding a matter, or God would have out rightly told you to go ahead with a job offer plan, career pursuit plan, marriage plan, visitation plan, business plan, etc. Still, in the process of that, He can change His mind towards that initial plan/command He instructed you to do.

In our walk and work with God, it is vital we know the mind of God and His Updated mind because It will save us from mistakes, blame, regrets, disasters, etc.

Like our father Abraham, let us continually be updated concerning the mind of God. 

And we can know God’s updated mind when we continue in our relationship with God, distancing ourselves from sin and self and being conscious and focused on Him and eternity.


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