The Trail of Broken Bottles

This is one of the greatest misfortunes that has befallen many of us. Every situation or person can be likened to a bottle. By our actions, reactions, words or inaction, we could break them and move on leaving the pieces shattered behind us.

Using this premise, think about your actions,reactions, and words to the people you have encountered so far in the number of years you have lived. That can go a long way to show you the type trail you have been leaving behind looks like.

If you were asked to go back the way you came, do you think you can walk through freely without being cut by the shards of the broken pieces left by you? To walk through without bloody feet and excruciating pains caused by your own self?

Many people have suffered or are suffering now because they didn’t understand certain fundamental principles of human relationship. There is a saying, “Be careful with the people you meet on your way up, you might meet them on your way down.” I will also add this: “Be careful with the people you meet when you are down, you might meet them on your way up.”

Of the people you meet daily, you do not know where your help will come from tomorrow, so, if you had treated them with a terrible temper when you couldn’t help your mood, you may have left them with a face to remember for bad, forever.

Also someone who is down may not be down tomorrow because the world rotates, not just physically but also spiritually.

  • The hand you lift today might be the one that lifts you tomorrow.
  • The smile you give today might be the only one you receive tomorrow.
  • The alms you give today might build an empire for you tomorrow.

So, live today, thinking of tomorrow.

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