The Stereotyped God

Life is full of eventful experiences. Most times, especially when faced with difficulty, we look for different means of intervention, out of which some work out the best results. Then, subconsciously we tend to stick to the pattern or formula that gave rise to the results, and make them our go-to line of actions when faced with the same situation.

Humans in their fallen nature tend to live a formulaic lifestyle.

In other words, that fallen nature programmes us in such a way that it is easy to condition us to a particular system when exposed to that system over time.

Christians today have conditioned their minds to a particular method of relating with God, thereby limiting His operations with man.

NB: The wonders of God cannot be demonstrated in a formulaic manner or a stereotyped environment.

We need to open up our minds while walking with God so that we can benefit from His unlimited potential.

There is no doubt that there are many unanswered prayers that are as a result of a stereotyped waiting on the Lord. That is, having a particular way of wanting to hear God, experience God or receive from God.

When the Lord asked Elijah to stand on the mount (1 Kings 19:11-12), he could have thought that God was in either the strong wind, earthquake or the fire but Lo, God was in the still small voice.

It was at that point he wrapped his face in his mantle, in awe of God because he had learned the ways of God.

If Moses had stereotyped God or conditioned his mind on God appearing to him only through a burning bush, what could have happened when God appeared in a pillar of cloud? (Exodus 33:9).

Overtime I have heard people say “God speaks to me only through dreams”, so  their hearts are closed to every other possible means through which God can communicate to them. At this point, it becomes difficult for them to understand God’s expressions.

God is always looking for a deep relationship with men.  It is therefore important we make room for God to both relate and make known Himself in even the most little ways.

God’s desire is that there will be an expression of His power on earth. But humans have limited God by the way they have stereotyped Him. Nevertheless, God will not fail to leave witnesses of his power on the earth.

When we seek God, we should be approachable by His Spirit and sensitive to the workings of His Spirit.

Sometimes God can decide to take us through the waters to discover Him but we get busy waiting and searching in the fire.

We must be flexible enough to discover God in His fullness.

At a time in the life of Moses he became familiar with God and he got used to striking with the rod of power in his hand, thereby becoming insensitive to the Word of power in his mouth.

He knew God had always asked him to use the rod, so eventually when he realized that the instruction was to use the Word, the mistake had been made.




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