The Shepherd And The Sheep.

When it comes to marriage, many people are careful not to make mistakes. They apply so much care that they go to the extent of praying to God for direction. No one wants to get into marriage and regret, both those with good character and those without good character.

Unfortunately, people still make mistakes in marriages because they refuse to work on themselves or they failed to seek God’s permission before the marriage and in the marriage.

Let’s talk about God’s will.
A lot of times many people narrow God’s will for their lives to only marriage. They do whatever they want to do but when it’s time to get married, they go on seeking God and even seek Him through fasting and prayer.

They can go on a fasting and praying program for 7days, 21days, 30days, 40days and so on. To know the mind of God and also to pray against the evil plans of the devil.
But this rigorous zeal isn’t practised by them to know the field of study to enrol in, the school to apply to, the type of job to apply/accept, the kind of business to engage in, the personality to employ, the type of neighbourhood and accommodation to live etc.

How can you know the voice of Jesus?
Because the voice of The Shepherd can only be recognized by the sheep. You must be his sheep for Him to release His voice to you.
How can you be submissive one to another in marriage, when you never learnt it with the one you call your Master Jesus Christ while you were still single?

The main reason why so many people are in a mess now (it could be in the workplace, business, marriage, neighbourhood etc) is simply because they had no relationship with Jesus Christ to know what exactly He wills for them.

The moment you stop being a sheep to the Shepherd, you stop hearing and knowing His voice no matter how familiar His voice has been to you.

If you want to continue to hear and know the voice of your Shepherd, you must continue being His sheep.

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