Tomorrow is Uncertain But Better

My journey in life is filled with good and bad experiences like most people.

I was never a desired student during my higher institution days. I was never a smart student as it shows in my performances in school.

I experienced the worst-hit when I gained admission into the higher institution. I was never relevant in the eyes of my course-mates. They gossiped and mocked me constantly. Their gossip and mockery took a new level when I failed a course. I was really downcast.

I wondered what the problem was. I studied but certainly not like my course-mates. Sometimes when I asked for academic help from some of them, I ended up in regret due to their unfriendly approach. It made me feel inferior and the inferiority complex grew.

I finally graduated with my coursemates, but with so much struggle. Tears of joy and appreciation to God was all I could offer.

Life after graduation

I never found it easy to start a meaningful independent life as a young fresh professional. I began reading more and attending seminars. Gradually I began to notice positive growth in myself and self confidence began to build.

I started applying for jobs and also hosting volunteer seminars in small groups. Churches began inviting me for a health seminar.

I kept improving on myself through more studies, conferences, seminars and surrounding myself with the right people

Today, I am a practicing pharmacist, a public speaker, a host of my own show.

Lessons Learnt :

  • I’ve learnt never to give up on myself even when I could and should.
  • Humans are intelligent beings cause we were created by The Most Intelligent Being(GOD). It depends on how you develop yours.
  • I wish I had spent more time reading.
  • I gave room for shame instead of learning.
  • There is a hidden treasure in everyone that can only be discovered when you search.
  • You feel irrelevant and become irrelevant when you accept defeat.
  • Never look down on anyone because tomorrow will certainly be brighter for them.

Today, I am doing well for myself.

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