The Power Of Perception.

Matthew 1:20,24
People see a dream and wake up to conclude that it’s from the day’s activities. Joseph had thought about Mary’s condition during the day and at night he saw a dream in that regard.

Ordinarily, he should have thought that it was a dream that emanated from activities of the day, but he quickly perceived that it was the voice of God’s angel, which led him to do as directed when he woke up.
This could have only been possible when the spirit in Joseph aligned with the Spirit that ministered to him.

Some people claim to have a relationship with God yet they have little or no recognition of his voice.

As a woman, strategies to raise a child aren’t all in your hands. God could expose new strategies that will work on that child while you sleep but you mistake it for a mere dream which resulted from the day’s event.

Even a blind dog could tell when her owner comes around because of her strong sense of perception.
Parents for the sake of being mediators between God and their little ones ought to maintain a constant strong perceptual ability.

An angel could have appeared to Joseph just the way he did to Mary but no, it was in the dream of the night.

God still speaks in diverse ways but only those who perceive rightly can make right decisions.

As a teenager, without a strong perceptual ability how can you beat the tide and be at your best in productivity ?

Dear mother, how strong is your sense of perception to unlock strategies to run your home successfully?

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