The Power of an Intercessor

You are that part of God that is burdened by the troubles of others.
You are that part of God that cries when your child is in pains.
You are that part of God that doesn’t rest until peace reigns.
You are that soft part of God that mends the broken.
You are that person who shouldn’t keep quiet.
You are the Gracious woman!!!

That woman in your neighborhood is weary, pray
That man at the office is hopeless, pray
Those children you see everyday are suffering injustice,pray
That family you don’t know about is hungry,pray
Those widows are oppressed, pray
Those prisoners are innocent, pray

That aircraft is about to crash, pray
That ship is about to sink, pray
That young man is about to die in sin, pray
Those captives are about to be murdered, pray
The economy is crashing, pray.
The saints are falling, pray
Hearts are failing, pray

The enemy is not asleep, pray
The bandits are planning to shed blood today,pray
The corrupt ones are perpetrating evil, pray.
Like a roaring lion they roam, pray
See them at the door of your children’s homes, pray
For the innocent ones please pray.

If you can’t pray, shout
If you can’t shout, cry
If you can’t cry, groan
For the Spirit makes intercession with groanings that cannot be uttered

Dear gracious woman who knows whether you are called for such a time as this.
Save your generations on your knees.

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