The Next Fear

If you knew that the path chosen for you was going to be so full of struggles, would you continue?
The next step is always scary, it is always uncertain and full of the unknown.
But if God should permit us to see the danger that lies ahead, we would be so terrified that we would give up on life.

If you could see the hurdles that the enemy has placed in your path, you wouldn’t have come this far. And that is why sometimes we thank God because we don’t look like the things we have been through. You know that if you looked like the things you have been through, you would be so deformed.

Do you think the Israelites would have begun the journey if they knew the path led to the red sea? But their ignorance of that fact made them experience the miracle. For most of us, if we knew that we would pass through the things we did, we wouldn’t have started this journey. Worst of all, if we knew what the original intention was, we would agree that whatever we have been through, was just a tip of the iceberg the enemy had intended.

But Grace has brought us this far. God had taken our hands and led us through it and here you are. You have gotten to some level of knowledge and understanding, but it doesn’t make you independent from God. It doesn’t mean that God cannot understand anymore. He purposely did not let you see the hurdles so that you can totally trust Him, He also wants you to give him that amount of trust now.

Of a truth, there will always be the next fear in every stage of this life, but if God brought you through one stage, He will take you through every other stage.
Just trust him COMPLETELY.

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