The Making Of Men!!

Walking with the Lord and letting Him lead is not going to be a smooth ride, but our guarantee of a blessed and peaceful destination is confirmed. 

If you study the Bible, you’ll find out that all the men and women who walked with The Lord never had a smooth ride.

When you read about or discuss with godly men and women, you will also find out that they didn’t have a smooth ride with God. There were times when they became discouraged, cried, became impatient, perplexed etc. But they never gave up on God.

There were blessings and mercies that accompanied the people who followed the Lord in times past, and there are blessings and mercies that accompany those that are still following the Lord in our times. Sometimes, these blessings and mercies of God become generational. But before the blessing there was a breaking!!

Walking with the Lord will break you!! Breaking you means breaking every pride and imperfection in you, in order to put you in the path of perfection and to make you an honourable vessel. If you aren’t broken yet, then you haven’t released yourself wholesomely to God.

The beautiful and life changing thing about walking with the Lord is that He imparts priceless treasures into us. These treasures are what makes you an honourable vessel.

God is looking for broken and imperfect vessels to work on, because He wants to walk with them. 

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