The Lost Investment

Our Father is an intentional being. That means for everything He created, He had a purpose in mind.

When God was making you, He knew exactly what He wanted. He wasn’t just trying to populate the earth. Everything He put inside you is an investment. From your colour to your thought pattern, all given by God to work out a particular thing on earth. You are to work out your own particular thing on earth, so is everyone else. God has eight billion reasons to create the earth. As many reasons as the entire population.

It wasn’t just that God created us. He created every other thing for us to use whatever we want to get our work done. For you, the entire planet was made;

The ground was made for you to stand on.

The air was made for you to breathe in.

Sound was made for you to hear and be heard.

Light was made for you to see and be seen,

Knowledge was made for you to have.

Time was made for your perusal.

The cross was made to speak for you.

Every single thing has been made for you to use and become the person God wants you to be.

All these were the investments God made on that purpose He called you to fulfil.

In other words, you have no excuse for failure.There is an already programmed solution to any problem you might encounter, if you seek it sincerely and well enough, you will find it.So quit wallowing in self inflicted limitation and rise to that majesty that you were meant to be. Because if you become a lost investment, you have to account for the losses.

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