The Kingdom Mindset.

After the fall of man from the garden of Eden, there was a shift in mindset.
Man’s reasoning, thoughts, actions, reactions were corrupted automatically. He began to possess another mindset that was not the mindset of his King and Maker, because his connection with his Source was broken.

With time, the mindset of man was evil continually. Even the abominable was incorporated into this mindset of man. There was a paradigm shift.
God Almighty regretted creating man.

Although, from time to time, He could find people who were intentional about loving and serving Him and possessing the right Kingdom mindset.

The Almighty in His infinite mercy and wisdom being heart broken of the depravity of mankind made provision for the redemption of man. He sent His only begotten Son in the form of flesh to die for mankind redeeming him from the satanic mindset.

Unfortunately, only few grabbed and presently have grabbed this rare golden privilege.

What Is Kingdom Mindset?

● Kingdom Mindset is simply having a God-mindset. A mindset built on and in God.
● Someone with a Kingdom mindset cares about others especially the orphans, needy, widow, poor and brokenhearted.
● They are not hypocritical, they don’t do anything for fame or self glory. They are too busy living for God and loving others.
● Someone with a Kingdom mindset will also recklessly abandon anything for the sake of the gospel.
● A person who has this Kingdom Mindset is being controlled by the Spirit of God.

Before you can have this Kingdom Mindset, you must first realize that you don’t have it and you really need it.

There are people who are not wholesomely intentional about God-life, yet they talk about being intentional with passion. But their lifestyle and how they treat people and even the things of God is not looked into.

The message of intentionality cannot be complete without the intentionality of The Kingdom Mindset.

This Kingdom Mindset doesn’t just fly into you. You must seek it just the way you seek other precious things you love.
You must be conscious in possessing this mindset.

Confessing your sins regularly to God and asking for forgiveness isn’t enough.
If you don’t seek to grow, you’ll live in that state of sinning and confessing. Burning a bridge over and over again instead of burning and moving forward.

There are godly books written by men and women of God that can, and have transformed lives.
But the best and complete book that can wholesomely transform any man is the Bible.
You must be intentional everyday in reading the Bible.

If you really need a thing or are desperate for it, you press on no matter the challenges or obstacles that may come your way to get it.
So reading the Bible should be a must-do everyday.

It takes a spiritual and an open man to understand the Bible. So before you read the Bible everyday, you must pray and ask the Spirit of God for understanding, awareness and insight.

Reading the Bible and understanding is not everything you need to do. You must meditate on what you read.
Meditation is a serious contemplation, reflection or musing.
The Word of God is a seed and meditation is like water that waters the plant.
The more you meditate, the more the seed germinates and bears fruits.

Be careful of what you meditate on, because your lifestyle is not far from your meditation.

Wisdom is the application of what you have read or known. Be intentional in doing the Word of God, that’s what builds you.

Above all praying always. Communication with God for grace, strength and power shouldn’t be undermined.

Serving God and being His treasure is not by accident but by intentionality.

Kingdom Mindset is built by intentionality.
Intentionally reading the Bible, Good books, Meditating, Acting on the Word, Doing good to others and above all, Praying always.

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