The Jesus In You

Dear Mother,
Did you know that your children do more of what they see you do, than what you tell them to do?
Well if you take a good look at your child’s obedience chart, you will find out that he/she did more of what they saw you do, than what you asked them to. Their impression about anything is the one you give them.
Knowing this, you have the capability of pointing the child to where you want him/her to go, pointing the child to what is already inside you. Before they start watching others and listening to and getting influenced by what they see outside, they would have gotten a foundation from you. That will make them either stand or crumble when the external forces come into play.
The Jesus you know and have inside you is the Jesus they will know before others start preaching other kinds of Jesus to them.
You want to point your child to Jesus, you must have Jesus inside you. The Jesus they will know, the one who will help them withstand the outside pressures that they will definitely face.
They will try everything life throws at them with what they get from you and if what you have given them stands superior, they stand higher chances of staying through..
So dear Gracious woman, remember that the life you have now is the one you will pass onto that little angel who is desperately looking up to you for direction. Start now to cultivate they lifestyle you want to put in them. Start now to invite the Jesus you want them to befriend.
If you don’t know Him, cry out to Him. He knows you and he hears you. He is interested in you and your children. He wants to meet them as much as you want them to meet Him. But He can only do that when you open the door to your home through your heart..

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