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                                                          Address: Right Hand of the Majesty on high

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Personal Profile Statement

An Inspirational, adaptable and responsible Lord. The only begotten Son of God. The Heir of all things. The brightness of God’s glory. The express image of God.


  1. The maker of the worlds.
  2. Sacrificial lamb for the sins of mankind.
  3. Sitting the right hand of The Majesty on High.
  4. All things are uphold by the Word of my power.


  1. The embodiment of wisdom.
  2. The embodiment of understanding.
  3. The embodiment of knowledge.


  1. The Anointed One/ Christ.
  2. The One whom angels worship.
  3. The Carrier of the God-head Bodily.
  4. The Baptizer with The Holy Ghost and with Fire.


  1. The Word of God personified.
  2. A more excellent name than the angels.
  3. So much better than the angels.
  4. An Everlasting Throne and Kingdom.
  5. Have the Sceptre of Righteousness.


  1. Merciful and faithful High Priest.
  2. Link of reconciliation to the Father.
  3. Succouring.
  4. Bringer of sons into my fold.

Hobbies and Interests

  1. Loves righteousness.
  2. Hates iniquity.


  1. The Holy Scriptures.
  2. The Holy Ghost.

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