The Hidden Treasures of Suffering – Conclusion

Depending on how you choose to see it, suffering is a purification process;

  • A time to get rid of bad habits.
  • A time to get rid of bad company.
  • A time to spot the little things that could trigger it and eliminate or avoid them.
  • A time to imbibe attitudes and activities that would make, rather than mar you.
  • A time when you begin to sieve and prioritize, you sieve out what wont be helpful and embrace what would.
  • When your eyes open to see God for who He really is, your sole Helper, your Source, your ABBA.

Suffering, though an unpleasant situation as it is, has become a powerful tool in God’s hands to clear the specks in our eyes so that we will be able to see things clearly for what they are, you will be able to spot the subtle difference between what is true and what is not, who is real and who is not, what is lasting and what is fleeting.

Most importantly, you will be able to differentiate between God’s voice of truth and the devil’s voice of lies. This is when you train yourself to resist the temptations coming your way.

The period of suffering is the period when the powerful society influencers are forged.

The hymn; IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, was written by Horatio Spafford in 1873, after series of traumatic events in his life. This hymn since that time has been a powerful tool to lift the souls of people till this present moment.

The late Ubong King was a man whose word still stirs people off their feet into action even after death, but his life story was not what you would wish for yourself.

KING DAVID of the bible wrote some of his psalms when he was running for his life, now all we all run to the book of psalm whenever we are oppressed.
Sufferings do not last forever, but if properly and positively optimized, its effect can last forever. It helps you to carve out a path that would subsequently make it easier, not just for you but for future generations to avoid it and have things more easy.

Behind every suffering is a pathway for glory, in fact most of your glory has to go through that road of suffering.
While suffering, you lose a lot and its expected that you become way better off after that, but if you can’t spot your map to glory during that storm of suffering, it will be another loss… Don’t lose twice please.

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