The Hidden Treasures Of Suffering – 1

Have you ever heard amongst people making comparisons of Sufferings? Certain times people say and I quote “you have not suffered more than me.” Yes, I agree, there are degrees of suffering nevertheless, we shouldn’t make light of others suffering.

No suffering at any time is pleasant. Suffering is always an experience of pain, distress, hardship. Suffering differs. People experience Suffering physically, spiritually, psychologically etc.

Has Suffering been from the beginning? Let’s dive through memory lane. From the beginning of time man lived without suffering. When God created man, the only assignment He gave man was to dress and keep the Garden of Eden.

Keeping the Garden of Eden was to keep him busy because God hates idleness and laziness. Keeping the Garden of Eden was fun and not suffering. But all that was cut short after the fall of man. Man began to toil to survive.

Adam and Eve’s disobedience gave birth to the Sufferings of mankind. We were now exposed to what was for the devil and his colleagues.

Sin exposes one to diverse kinds of dangers.

Nevertheless, not all suffering is a result of sin. Some Sufferings are self-inflicted while some are God permitted.

This week as we go through these series of The Hidden Treasures of Sufferings, make thorough examination of yourself. Examine if your present unpleasant state is self-inflicted or God’s permitted.

Self-inflicted sufferings can be as a result of outright sin, negative confession, wrong companies, exposure to the wrong food or thing or tendencies acquired by genes or environment.

While God’s permitted sufferings are sufferings expressly permitted by God Himself. Not on the basis of sin rather on the basis of refining.

I repeat no suffering is pleasant whether it be self-inflicted or God’s permitted.

But in every Sufferings permitted by God, there are hidden treasures. Treasures that when finally gotten, you’ll be ever grateful to God for passing you that road.

Optimize your sufferings to get treasures.

Don’t be afraid of the cave because the cave you dread hides your treasures.

There are hidden treasures in suffering.

      …………… Stay Tuned……………

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