The Great Woman.

There is something about the Woman of Shunem that interests me. Sometimes I wish I could meet her in real-life and watch or discuss with her. I Iack words to describe her.

The Bible addressed her as a ‘Great Woman’.

Note that the bible didn’t call her the wife of a wealthy man; she was the one who was called a great woman; I don’t see that description as limited to only financial wealth. She was an embodiment of wealthy qualities.  2nd Kings 4: 8 – 37. KJV

Here are some of the qualities to admire in this great woman. Perhaps we might learn one or two things.

◻ She was a spiritual woman who had a connection with the Spirit of God. She discerned Elisha’s identity the moment she saw him.

◻ She knew how to acknowledge and appreciate something or someone valuable. The moment she identified Elisha’s office, she gave him the honor of him.

◻ She thinks outside the box and gets into action.

◻ She was a go-getter, steadfast in her resolution, and not wasting time with what was not in line with her goals.

She is consistent and very reliable. She never relented, inviting in and taking care of Elisha; instead, she made it permanent.

She was a good woman. She does her husband good, and when the opportunity to show Elisha good comes her way, her husband gives her all the support needed to show Elisha goodness.

◻ They had a challenge (they were childless) before them but never allowed it to disrupt the peace between them or their relationship with God.

◻ The act of goodness they showed to Elisha brought the gift of a son to the home. Keep doing good; you never know when that challenge becomes past tense.

◻ She was a woman of Faith. When her son became sick, the father instructed them to take him to her because he knew she could handle it. She didn’t have a meltdown and yelled. She was a woman of positivity. She kept confessing and declaring three words ‘it is well’. And indeed, everything became well. Her son was back to life.

The list could go on and on, but my dear fellow women, it would be good to learn from these beautiful attributes. She showed us that the strength of a woman is not limited in any way. She wasn’t a threat to her husband but used all her powers to bring light and joy into her home. To preserve what was important to her.

The husband might be the chief provider for the family, but the actual preservation of the home is the woman who knows what her calling is in the life of her man. We must endeavor to become that woman who knows her calling. Otherwise, we would be the destroyers of our homes.

Greatness is in you, dear woman. The devil is aware of your excellence, so he keeps fighting to ensure you don’t live up to your God-given mission.

You must arise to deflect the arrows of the devil.

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