The Danger of Expectations – pt. 3

Over time as I grew, I noticed some negative traits in my behaviour and my life generally. I fell into this trap of trusting my friends and putting my challenges into their hands and of course, as good friends, they promised to help me. This made me extremely happy because I felt my salvation was near, and naturally I laid back and depended on them to perform a special miracle that will make me a better person.
After unlimited series of disappointments, I learnt this lesson ;

  • Man himself is a flawed creation. Not flawed by God but by our own selves. There is no help that can come from a person who also need help. This means that there is just so much a man can do for you. Not more than that because he/she too is carrying the burden of his/her past, present and future. He gets caught up in his life that there is little or no time at all, to accommodate another.
  • Putting your expectations on man bluntens your resilience and pro-activeness and therefore sets you up for failure.
  • It takes away your ability to give yourself the attention you need, and to listen to your own inner cries.
  • It takes away your ability to be creative and makes you mentally lazy.
  • It also lowers your self esteem because all you have done is to convince yourself that you are not anything by yourself.

Putting your expectations on man alienates you from GOD. This is because you have shut the entrance that grants access to the spirit of God to work in your life. The act alone is an insult to God who has given you the power to conquer anything and even the promise of assisting you.
It makes Him seem powerless both to you and to others who see you as a worshipper of God.

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