The Danger Of Expectation pt. 1

Have you ever been in a relationship that has now gone sour? Looking back, what can you say killed that relationship? I will tell you. It is simply Expectation.

Expectations in relationship be it friendship or marriage has caused wreckage of the ship. Expecting to be treated with love, empathy, selflessness and respect but your expectations are drained.

I was having a chat with a lady and during our conversation she pointed out some things that she can’t do when she gets married. She began telling me what she expects from her husband in marriage.

I was glad because I have escaped this danger and was also worried because so many are still in that lane of expectations.

Your expectations should be from the Lord as the Lord also expects from you.

You demonstrate your love via calls, text messaging, understanding, empathy, giving, care, selflessness etc. to your spouse, children, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, friends and you don’t experience the dose of the love you give them can be heart drenching.

There’s a saying that goes “the ones who always make others happy are the most lonely and uncared for.”

The above is true and untrue. When you fix your heart on people and what you get in return, you face disappointment and loneliness, but when you fix your heart on God and humanity, you are the most joyful and fulfilled human on earth.

Few years ago, the Lord by Himself taught me the danger of expectation in marriage. So I learnt not to get into marriage with expectations from my partner but expectations from Him the Lord of our home and expectations from myself.

Yes! You read right. Expectations from myself.

Stay tuned for the dangers of Expectations

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