The Danger Of Comparison.

Comparison is the act of evaluating two or more things by determining the relevant characteristics of each thing, and then determining which characteristic of each is similar to the other, which is different, and to what degree.

I’ll give you a clear picture of comparison between two groups of individuals.
Miss B, comparing herself to Miss C, wishes she could be as intelligent as C. This can motivate her to study like Miss C and go to the extent of asking Miss C questions with regards to her study style with a view to improving her study techniques.

 On the other hand, we have X and Y who are married to different partners.

X’s husband, being a good cook, prepares meals for the family occasionally.
Y’s husband knows nothing about cooking and has no interest in learning how to cook.
Y can be in a state of comparing her husband to X’s husband and even wishes she had married someone like X’s husband.
This comparison is unhealthy and can lead to marital issues in the home.

From the above illustrations, it is clear that comparison can be motivating and also destructive.

Comparison has done more harm than good amongst friends, colleagues, siblings, couples, church leaders and in the society at large.
Social media is one of the tools used to instigate comparison.

The proverb “a jack of all trades master of none” can also be used to describe individuals who want to be everything and yet are unfulfilled.
Their lives are driven by the opinion, successes, actions, words, and displays of others. They feel indifferent when together with people they feel/think are better than them.

What negative comparison does is that, you unconsciously link your existence to others by unconsciously letting them control your life. Living in the world of negative comparison is simply living other people’s lives in you.

If you, being like or better than that teacher, writer, public speaker, preacher, employee, student, is targeted at bringing them down so that you can be above them, then, it’s a destructive comparison.

The best version of you is to be you. Give yourself the opportunity to grow.
You are still that unique being created by the Unique GOD.

The Danger Of Comparison.

✳️ Comparison steals the you in you (loss of identity).
✳️ It can lead to depression.
✳️ It leads to bitterness and jealousy.
✳️ It causes resentment towards others and yourself.
✳️ It deprives you satisfaction and freedom.
✳️ Comparison leads to ingratitude towards God.
✳️ It builds pride when you feel you’re better than others.
✳️ It deprives you of joy.
✳️ Wisdom becomes far from you when you live your life in comparison. (2nd Corinthians 10:12).
✳️ It leads to spiritual digression which eventually affects your relationship with God.

The next time you feel like comparing yourself to/with others, ask yourself these questions and be sincere with the answers.

  1. Why the comparison?
  2. Will this comparison make me bitter or better?
  3. Is it healthy for my mental health?
  4. Is it healthy for my spiritual growth?
  5. Is this now my purpose of existence?

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