The Change In Me

The meaning of the word ‘Change’ simply means the act or process through which something or someone becomes different.

Most people desire change in one area or the other. It could be in their physique, habit, voice, financial status, spiritual growth and stability, health, career pathway etc. Others desire change in their parents, spouse, children, in laws, friends, colleagues, boss etc.

If there’s anything that revolves in life, it is change. They say and I quote “change is constant.” if there’s no process to be different then you’re not living because, change is for the living.

Leo Tolstoy once said ‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.’

Presently, we have a lot of motivational speakers who motivate others to do their best and be the best. Leaders who want to lead and impact leadership skills in others. Pastors who want to shepherd souls,

All the above is channeled towards changing others but rarely we look inward for the change we desire in others.

Recently, I watched a live stream of a ‘Christian’ Lady who was advising other female folk to go for a plastic surgery for the desired lips, hips, butt, nose, breast and tummy in other, to feel confident in their body. The way she preached and emphasized on it was heart drenching to me.

The world has collapsed and the church that should be a strong pillar has equally collapsed with the world. The instrument of change that should be preached is now altered.

There are better changes to make than changing our physique. We can change our physique and still be unrefined in our words, character and conduct.

Change is and will be far from us if we are busy;

  • Motivating others without motivating ourselves.
  • Trying to lead others without first being led by Christ and ordained men.
  • If our words are still poisonous instead of being filled with grace and seasoned with salt.
  • Most importantly, if we neglect the instruments of Change (The Word of God, Prayer and The Holy Ghost).

We can only change for the good by sincerely looking inward and admitting we need a change, and working towards the desired change.

Don’t put forward tomorrow the change that you can start today because tomorrow is never promised.

You’re not too young or old for a change. The ball is in your court.

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