The Bond

Having a family is pride and gold. Don’t lose it for anything except they stand on your way with God.

Family is the bond of perfection after God. God instituted the family but unfortunately, we leave Him to form our own.

What is a family without a bond?

Abraham built a working relationship with his son Isaac while allowing God to take the lead. That was why Abraham could make a decision for Isaac as regards a life partner without any objection.

Isaac never built a working relationship with his sons, rather he built favouritism. And we know the end result.

Elimelech and Naomi built a working relationship with their sons that was transferred to the daughters in-law. Even after the death of Naomi’s husband and two sons, her daughters in-law still wanted to cleave her.

Philip built a working bonding relationship amongst his four daughters, that was why all were with him in the business of God without a struggle.

Presently, children are lost because parents have failed to build a bond  with them.

Drop your  tag as a minister, professional or anything:

  1. Listen to your children and understand them when they speak.
  2. Do not shut them up even if they are saying nonsense. Pick on that nonsense, remove the none, and make sense from it.
  3. Create a fun time in the family.
  4. Always appreciate their efforts no matter how little they may be.
  5. Rebuke when necessary and allow them to their conscience.
  6. Never compare them with other kids.
  7. Encourage them and be positive.
  8. In all you do as parents, always point them to the source, who is GOD.
  9. Always pray and keep praying for them. Prayers work.

Watch your children give you joy and peace as all these are fulfilled.

  • They will listen and understand you when you speak.
  • They will be free to discuss  anything with you.
  • Your presence and words will be cherished all their days.

A godly home with a bond produces admired and successful children to God and the society.

It’s not late to start bonding with your children. If you have failed, ask God for forgiveness and make a U-turn.

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