The barricade

“Come to the other side, there is so much I have in store for you.”

“No Lord, there is a barricade here. It is too high for someone my size.”

It is true that there is a mighty barricade stading between you and that voice calling from deep within you. Most of the time, you are the only one who sees it and knows how big it is. Because it is in your heart.

Moses saw his barricade, Jeremiah saw his barricade. But God saw beyond those.

You can see yours and they may include any of these;

The limited thoughts and beliefs you have placed on yourself

The opinion of others which you have allowed to affect you.

The poor self image you have on of yourself and the unnecessary comparion and competition they have caused you to dive into.

The worries which should have been submitted at the foot of the cross.

The weaknesses that you refused to take care of.

All these and more grew into the mighty bulwark that have seperated you from God’s glory.

You are so muc more than that person staring back at you in the mirror.

You are a product of the breath of life, the seed of a light that burns till eternity.

Do not allow these limitation stop you from going to the voice of God. He has what it takes to break down those barricades. Yield to Him first.

When you do, you will see Him working in every aspect of your life, carving out the excesses and filling the hollows. The moment these obstacles and inner problems are dealt with, The fullness of what God put inside you will surface.

Break loose and move to the other side, there is so much that God wants to do with you. Moses and Jeremiah did.

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