The Autograph Of Peace.(Note to singles Part 2)

A popular African preacher once said “There are things God will do in one’s life and he leaves his signature on it; El-shaddai”.
Now when you see such miracles or acts of God in the life of that individual, it can only tell you that this deed can only be done by God.

In other words, God makes himself a signatory to certain manifestations in the affairs of men.

We’re considering an autograph here as a signature.

Dear waiting young man and woman looking forward to doing the will of God in the matter of finding a life partner, kindly check out for an autograph of peace.

Do you find peace in that young man who has proposed to you? Each time you remember spending a whole twenty or thirty years with him, do you find unwavering peace?

Remember if God is there, he will leave his signature there; PRINCE OF PEACE!! KING OF SALEM!!! (2 Thessalonians 3:16, Hebrews 7:2).

Having that autograph of peace boldly written in your inner mind and all around you is one of the key checkers to know if he or she has passed God’s own assessment and found worthy of you.

Kindly remember that anything that is not peaceful will lead you nowhere irrespective of all the resources you lay at its feet.

Kindly check out for God’s signature of peace if you, as well as your home do not want to be broken to pieces.

What do you want to do with a relationship or union with the absence of peace?

If the peace tank of that relationship is showing a red signal, meaning empty, why venture into it?

Many young men and women have lost their lives, passion, pursuits, ministries to a union where the peace tank was empty.

The emphasis on peace in the scripture is such that it must be ensured.

Note that not everyone is a peacemaker. Even the scripture showed a distinction by specifically using the word ‘peacemakers’ (Matthew 5:8, James 3:18).

Not every handsome guy that catches your attention or looks like all you need in a man is a peacemaker.
Not every beautiful lady who has all the endowments you seek in a woman can pursue peace in that relationship.

How much can that your intending spouse put in or sacrifice to pursue peace ?

Note, this peace is not the peace of settling a quarrel or after fights but the peace embedded in a person by God.

Therefore, seek for His autograph of peace before you make a commitment.


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