The Alliance

He had such a little army while his enemy had intimidating army and allies. They were at war and the odds were highly against them. He called on God for help because he knew he was at peace with God.

The Almighty came to his rescue.

He became more powerful with more armies and weapons. He also had peace for a long time and much supplies for himself and his people.

Then trouble began to brew again.

His majesty went into the house of God and took the vessels for worship and traded them for an alliance. Little did he know he was trading the place of God for man. And God, having no place in him anymore, left him at the mercy of man.

You do not take what belongs to God and give to man, and still expect Him to come running at your call.

At the time his alliance failed him, God didn’t respond. When he got sick and crippled, God did not respond either. He couldn’t access the help that comes from the great physician.

One with God is majority, and alliance with God covers you in every situation. But when this alliance is broken, you will have to go in search of different people for different situations, and you are at the mercy of man who himself is as powerless as you are.

God is true to us if we are true to him, He never breaks His part of the contract. We are the one who always do.

But there  is good news; His arms are ever open to receive whosoever comes to Him.

Have you fallen out of alliance with God, His arms are waiting to receive you back.

Are you yet to form an alliance with God, His arms are ever open. RUN TO HIM WHILE YOU CAN.

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