The Abigail You Didn’t Know

Mrs Abby wasn’t just a beautiful wife, neither was she just a woman of beautiful countenance as we popularly know her for. There was a reason why this woman made history because there were probably other virtuous, beautiful and excellent ladies who had equally lovely countenance as Mrs Abby.

God looks out for men and women who would dare to be different, and for the level of difference, there is no limit to how different you can be as long as it’s godly.

She took her time away from the RICH WIVES FORUM where they always talk about the designer bags and skin care products only, and spent more time with the servants who always talked about the happenings in town. That was how she got to know so much about David and his escape from Saul. These things were not things you would hear so much among women because of how reserved they were from political and war matters.

She knew the nature of her husband and knew she had her work cut out for her if she must keep herself and her household safe. So she devoted herself to learning. And that was why her vast knowledge about David and then her sweet nature attracted him to her.

David at once knew that this was the woman who would protect his calling, to whom he could entrust some personal dependence. She was the woman with his balm. A warrior clothed in all shades of sweetness. She stopped a raging war through her sweetness.

Mrs Abby wasn’t the woman to sit and paint her nails when she knew her household was vulnerable as a result of her husband’s nature. She equipped herself to fill up in the places he is lacking.

So dear Lady, Wife and Mother, you are a strong pillar and a warrior clothed in tenderness. Once you know this about you, you will equip yourself aright.

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