Fruitless Fasting

As unique individuals that we are, we have what gives us pleasure, and these can be a necessity, for fun or relaxation. Things like eating, hanging out with family or friends, watching movies, reading novels, social media pleasure, conjugal intimacy with your spouse, etc.

Stand Out!

People hardly get God involved in an initial plan of theirs but when things backfire, boom! They run to God for help.
But when the journey is smooth, they become god of themselves.

6th August, 2020 | Today’s Prayer

Scripture: Genesis 21:1 PRAYER Compassionate and understanding Father, I praise You. If not for Your compassion towards me, I would have been consumed. Thank You for Your mercies and I plead, You always show me mercy.I know You have written and said so many good things for you that are yet to be fulfilled.Just as […]

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