Stand Out!

I recently bumped into a short clip where the Pastor emphatically said that anything that you’re doing and didn’t involve God first, God will never defend it. And I couldn’t agree less with this.

Someone may ask, ‘what if she gets God involved in a dubious/immoral activity, does that mean He’ll defend her?’ Of course not! God cannot be associated with anything evil/sinful.

People hardly get God involved in an initial plan of theirs but when things backfire, boom! They run to God for help.
But when the journey is smooth, they become god of themselves.

Someone some time ago said to me, “you shouldn’t pray about everything.” Really!
So I asked, what is Prayer? She was calm. I went further to briefly lecture her what prayer is all about.

Prayer is communication with God.

How can you say I shouldn’t always communicate with God about everything I want to do regularly? How does that sound? But I will still run back to Him if all isn’t going well. How funny!

● This is the generation we are presently. A generation where God is less involved in their plans.
● A generation where hours in communing with God seems like a wasted time but hours in business, chatting, seminars are the productive time.
● A generation where we laugh at the poor in spirit and clap for the proud and greedy fellows.
● A generation that promotes rebellion.
● A generation that idolizes man-made gods (money, fame,etc) and disdains the Creator of man.

To keep your sanity, your relationship with God in this generation intact, and be more successful as God’s child, then, you must Stand Out! Stand out in constant communication with God.

The last time I checked, what builds any relationship is constant communication. What can build our relationship with God is constant communication and obedience to him.

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