RAHAB (You) – Contd.

Contd……from Rahab.

While she was in her house,ruminating over the things she heard that day, two men walked in, the were dressed like the men of her city but there was a strange aura about them, it was not an aura she was used to, having known many men. Also they weren’t interested in getting under her garment. They looked like their cover was blown. She had heard on of the soldiers talking about increased security because it has been suspected that spies from that nation had entered the city. And their search had led them to her door step ‘by order of the king’.
As the knocking increased at her door, the men inside became more anxious and looked at her as though seeking a solution.
They must be the ones. It was real, everything that was said in the rumors were real. Their nation was headed for catastrophe.
She had to choose between handing them over to the soldiers or save them
She had to choose whether she would be patriotic or sabotage her country.
She had to choose between putting her faith in the security she had always know or two unknown men with a weird rumor surrounding them.
She ‘took the risk’ and chose the men she knew zilch but rumors about. That was a great act of faith. And that not only saved her and her family, but also put her in the genealogy of the savior.

Dear Gracious woman, you are the Rahab of your house hold, you are the woman whose dwelling is by the wall of your city. You are the woman who should read the signs of time and decide in order to save your household.
You are the woman who will take that leap of faith that will usher your generation to a life time of fortune.
You cannot afford to be sleeping in the city when the walls will soon crumble.
Dear Gracious woman, in this generation, you are the one your household needs.

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