Psalm 15 Vs 4

I heard a minister of God while ministering told a story of something that happened between him and a wicked politician. He hosted a revival outreach in that state of the politician who never attended. But after the program ended, he(politician) sent for him.

After the meeting between them both ended, he(politician) handed a big and fat envelope. It was filled with money. The minister of God immediately rejected the cash and spoke the Word of salvation.

So many believers in his shoe would be shy to rebuke, reject his gift or even preach the message of salvation.

Nevertheless, your shyness has no standing or can never lure the Word of God to your taste.

We are told in the book of Psalm 15, the prerequisites in abiding and dwelling in the tabernacle (presence) of God.

  • In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; but he honoureth them that fear the Lord. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not. KJV

What Is The Meaning Of Vile?

Vile is something or someone so morally wrong or offensive as to be thoroughly disgusting.
It can also be seen to be abominably wicked, shameful or evil.

Our present world is filled with so many vile people even in the house of God. There are more inventions of evil to corrupt than good. The world has entered the church.

As a righteous woman honours those who fear the Lord, the same way she disregards those who are vile. The wealth, greatness, knowledge, honour of a vile person is not intimidating as some others will choose to worship them and even encourage and pray for them.

You don’t claim to disregard them but in secret you admire, envy or value their company. You are to pity his miserable condition and intercede for that soul.

You may not be a vile person but do you have pleasures in those who are vile?
Having pleasure means you are a vile person as well. Roman 1:32.

God expects you to highly esteem kindness, respect, and love to those who honour Him irrespective of their status, age, tribe and race. Honour attracts honour. When you honour godly men, God honours you.

Words are powerful and should be chewed before spit out. Why the rush to make a promise/vow you can’t fulfill?
The scriptures of truth tell us that it’s only a fool who makes a vow/promise he can’t fulfill.

What promise(s) have you made to God and man?
Are they achievable? If they are, fulfill them.

Have you promised the Lord to walk with Him? Remember one who wants to abide in the tabernacle(presence) of God doesn’t change.

Write out those promises you have made to the Lord.
Ask for His grace and help to fulfill them. If they require resources, ask that He provides you with the resources needed.

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