Psalm 15 vs 2

Have you ever prayed while in the restroom or even anywhere and got the answer for what you prayed for? Well, I have countless times and I know you may too.

What does this tell you?

The tabernacle of God as we know is not restricted to a building. God is omnipresent meaning He is everywhere.

Holy hill does not literally mean a mountain. As children of God, we should have an altar of worship. It could be in our bedroom, sitting room, dining area, in a building where we gather for worship, etc. When we gather anywhere for fellowship with God, it is a holy hill. So your house can be a holy hill of the Lord.

The first criterion is to abide in the tabernacle(presence) of the Lord and dwell in His holy hill

  • He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart. (KJV)

Do you notice the 3 Ws?

  •      Walk = Uprightly
  •      Work = Righteously
  •      Speak(Word) = Truthful

The three Ws must be upright, righteous, and truthful. Which simply means having a show of great concern for what is right, honorable, and honest.

We are still striving towards perfection nevertheless, our intention must be sincere with a lively conscience towards God and man.

In our present day, we see believers who flatter and have a double tongue and lifestyle because they want to please and be accepted by the world. Such believers can never abide or dwell.

God is the God of principles and to know and enjoy the fullness of God is to follow His principles. Failure to do that means failure in existence.

Our priority as believers is to first please God. How do we please Him?

Revelation 4:11 tells us … for thou(God) has created all things(including you and me), and for Your pleasure, they are and were created.

Abiding in the presence of God gives Him great pleasure. Because we do only what pleases Him and not another. He’s our Creator, Father, Master, and Boss.

Good enough, He told us the secret of how to please Him. He wants us to abide in His presence, not visit.

In our present day, to be upright, righteous, and truthful is never a smooth ride nevertheless, you must know that truths, like roses, have thorns about them, good men wear them in their bosoms.

If abiding in the presence of God is worth more than this life you live, then you would have unlocked the secret of the  manifest presence of Immanuel (which means God with us )

In all you’re doing you must from today be upright in all good intentionality of goodness, righteous in all rights living that is first acceptable to God, and truthful in all honesty.

We can only be a carrier of God’s presence when we become a carrier of uprightness, righteousness, and truthfulness.

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