priscilla Or Sapphira?

Women are the greatest gift of God to the world; This is arguably true.
The primary purpose was to fit into the areas of vacuum where the man cannot help himself. The goal was to help him do more, compliment him in several ways and care for him as her tender garden.

While this was God’s arrangement, the devil ensured that the woman does not live up to her role of a helper by filling the hearts of ignorant and loose women just like Eve.

Priscilla and Sapphira were both women of bible age who had privileges of having the apostles with them.

Priscilla and her husband Aquila were tentmakers by occupation and they both worked together (Acts 18:3).
It was also recorded that Priscilla aided and supported her husband in the ministry. They did it like their business and succeeded unitedly (Acts 18:26).

Aquila can be said to be a successful man in life and ministry because he had a woman who submitted to God’s original purpose.

Ananias and Sapphira, his wife, were believers who were called to the ministry of the saints but they failed in ministry because Sapphira wasn’t subject to God’s original plan.

She failed to recognize God as her first husband and so agreed to conspire against Him.

The moment she failed, Ananias failed!

Sapphira could have disagreed to conspire with her husband and preserved his soul.

The success and failure of every man lies in the hands of his God-given wife.

Women are meant to help the man fulfill his purpose and mission on earth but if the woman drifts away from this knowledge, her man fails.

Even Paul the apostle acknowledged Priscilla and Aquila as helpers in Christ.
It was a united effort largely dependent on the woman.

At the end of the day, Ananias missed the mark as well as Sapphira who did not take responsibility of her role.

Dear woman, Be ashamed if your husband ever fails because you first failed in the secret.

To the women whose husbands keep breaking grounds and climbing greater heights, we celebrate your success in your role.

Celebrate yourselves and never stop winning!

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