Pray, Don’t Prey On Them

Naturally, people with bad attitudes can be detested. You keep hearing ‘no man is perfect, no man is perfect’. That’s true but remaining in your imperfect you and singing the song of imperfection is not okay.

A person with a bad attitude who is refusing and rejecting advice and change is usually angry and negative minded towards everyone and everything, that sometimes even when something good happens, she’s irritated.

Some persons who have these detestable attitudes are people who no one ever showed love to them. Sometimes they have experienced abuses like sexual abuse, verbal abuse etc. At some other times such people have experienced loss of a dear one(s).
Being such kind of person or living with such persons can be life draining.

Do you know of any person(s) who falls in this tag of “bad attitude?”
What have you done or what are you doing to help?
Do you also fight with them because of their character? Or
Do you avoid them like a plague? Or
Do you sit, talk to condemn or make jest of them? Or
Do you seek help for them by showing love and praying of them?

No one is unlovable, the only problem we have is using the wrong key on them.
You and I were unlovable yet Christ has shown us so much love and still loves us.

Do you know or have a child, friend, sibling, parent, colleague who falls in this category? You can be an instrument in God’s hand to bring a change in them.

The right key to anyone’s heart is gotten only through prayers.

Start praying and stop preying on people.

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