Powerful Little

Hi beautiful…
Did you know that behind every big picture situation are numerous little pictures?
That fight probably didn’t start as a big fight, neither did that indignation begin like that. It all started with very little neglected negative feelings. No matter how much time it takes, little droplets always make a big puddle. Numerous little actions most often always come before the big action, whether good or bad.

If we acted on this information earlier, many misfortune would have been avoided. Many wars and fights would never have started in the first place.
So what do we do with this information?
We can use this to avoid more misfortunes. Never underestimate the power of little things. They grow into monsters if left unattended to.
A little anger…
A little sexual desire…
A little lie…
A little deceit…
On and on they grow, little by little they gain power. They grow inside you, feeding on your desperation for self appeasement. They grow until they become more powerful than the host.
And at this time, you have no control. No, not a single one. Rather they take control of you, they don’t become your tools anymore, rather, you become their tool. They use you to appease themselves. They use you to go stronger while eating through your soul. And in the end, they leave you as a hollow vessel, with no sense of purpose or direction.
But now we can avoid this.
We can kill these little things while they are still infants. Never allow a wave of anger to last long inside you.
Never allow an issue to go unresolved.
Deal with things as they happen and settle them quickly.
If you are finding it difficult, ask God to help you.
Because when they grow, it takes a stronger battle to eliminate them and this is where many fail and are consumed.

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