Poor Children Of Wealth

Beloved, I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. (3rd john 1:2)
Dear child of God, please read that again and again, if you have to.
This simply means that God’s deepest and strongest desire more than anything is to see that we are successful in every aspect of life; both spiritually and physically.

When we understand this as children of God, as followers of Christ, then we will change our mind-sets and attitudes towards the life we are living on this earth.

God promised us heaven, and it is a destination, not an excuse for us to be lazy. Heaven is the typical representation of what God has in mind for us.

A place of completeness, no lack, no wants, only rest and joy. This desire isn’t only activated when we get to heaven, but even while we are here on earth.

The only difference is, it won’t have to come freely as God intended it. We have to work and toil for it aftermath of the fall of man.
The promise of heaven was never intended to make us mentally or even physically lazy..

God did not ask us to recklessly abandon ourselves to poverty to prove that we are his children. Even from heaven, He cheers us on as people in a race and makes Himself available anytime we need His help.

He wants His light to shine through us, which means that by looking at us, others should understand what manner of Father He is, and what manner of thought He has for us. How well are we representing Him to mankind? Are we telling mankind that He is incapable?

God is not pleased that we are cowering in inferiority with the excuse that we want to get to heaven. Our father is looking for a heart that is not greedily attached to this world. Insomuch, that you use crooked means and defraud others just to get what you want.

At the same time, He is not looking for those who will sit down and expect Him to perform magic. Miracles are the bonuses God uses to encourage us, they are not our carriage into prosperity.

God promised Israel the ‘promised land’, but they needed to cross the ocean, win wars, and walk the dessert to get there. They worked hard for it. He parted the sea, killed their enemies, broke down walls, rained manners and quails, But He never magically uprooted them from Egypt to Canaan.

Dear child of God, God will help you, He will lift you, He will uphold you with His mighty right hand, but you must work. You must be proactive in mind. He is not the reason you should fail, but the reason you must succeed.

Find your pathway to success and purpose of existence.

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