Mothers, First Influencers to Their Child(Ren) – (for Mothers to be)

We have come to know that we should be responsible for our children’s survival, learning and development.

I have often seen where children despise the counsel and commands of their mothers and through careful observation, I have come to identify the probable causes one of which I would like to point out;

EMPTINESS: (spiritual, financial, intellectual.)

Time and studies have shown that children do more of what they see than what they are told, and so be sure that the children’s eyes are constantly on you. They grow as they watch you. As they begin to understand and assess life, they also assess and weigh what you have to offer to them. At that point, as a mother, you cannot afford to fail them or they will be lost to external pressure.

So what do we do before we actually become mothers as single and waiting ladies?

Spiritually, we must invest our time in building a strong relationship with God, we must be able to have His image stamped in us because we are the first god they know. Our lives and interactions with them must resonate with the God we are presenting to them. We must not be spiritually empty for the sake of our children.

Financially, we must devote our time to be financially stable, commit to learning the right principles of wealth creation and management. The survival of our children, though unborn may depend on the hard work you put in today. God has given us the power of multiplication as women and has commanded our hands to do well, whatever it finds to do. A financially lazy mother could lose the power of influence on her children or worse still produce children who will be liabilities to the society. Also, we don’t want to lose out on the time we should spend building them, while struggling to find a means of survival. Build now for the sake of your children.

A mother is her child(ren)’s first and most important teacher in life. They will come to us when they have questions, a mother must be ready with answers or they will seek the answers elsewhere, probably in the wrong place. As a mother to be, we must invest richly in personal development and character. Read godly and rich books that will expand our horizon of knowledge and work even harder to live it out. What we acquire now is the legacy we will leave for our children and therefore, we must never stop improving in our quality of life.

Remember, dear mother to be, that now is when you create the image of the God that you want your child(ren) to know. Their God must not be seen as EMPTY

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