Made or marred

Two brothers born by the same father, in the same house, and subjected to the same exposures and environment, grew up into adulthood. One became a successful disciplined man and the other became a very bad alcoholic.

When they were asked “what was the reason they became the way they were”? Both gave the same answer: “I WATCHED MY ALCOHOLIC FATHER”.
The drunkard became a severe alcoholic by watching his father.
The successful man became successful by watching his father.
Where then did things go wrong for the drunkard and right for his successful brother? Was there an equal opportunity for both or not?

There was equal opportunity for both brothers. They were both unfortunate to have the kind of father they had, but both were equally presented with an opportunity to make things right for themselves.
What made the difference was who they were and what they made out of their circumstances.
While one felt powerless about life and succumbed to the negative effect of hisT father’s behaviour, the other saw his father’s behaviour as a reason to be different.

The aim of this article is to encourage, reprimand, warn, and challenge someone today. Whatever past you have had, whatever your present is at the moment, ultimately, who you become is very much dependent on how you interpret your present situation. And how you interpret your present situation is largely affected by who you are on the inside. This is why you must strive and endeavour to develop and groom your mind.

What you teach your mind is who you become.

A man who has taught his mind to be great, even though he is presently in the mud, will not remain in the mud for a long while. A man with a small mind, even though he is supplied with riches, will burn through them quickly and return to the mud.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your upbringing, you owe it to yourself to decide who you are going to be. Either you sink into it, or swim out of it. It would not be an easy thing to do but GOD promises that His strength will be made manifest in our time of weakness.

Whenever your situation threatens to drag you down, remind yourself that people have been through it even in worse conditions and still came out successful. In doing so, you will find the strength to press on. After all, in one way or another, no one has it easy.

Some trust in horses or chariots and horses but our trust remains in God most high for He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. With this knowledge and the right attitude and training, you can never go wrong in your life. I wish you the best as you take this tremendous journey of faith. See you at the top.

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