Louder Than Words

As soon as she got to that city, she knew the biggest problem she was going to face; communication. She didn’t know zilch of their language. No, not a phrase. No one knew English either. Not even one of them. But she knew she must be here for the next seven days.

I will tell you what happened within the next seven days:

  • She knew those who merely accepted her
  • She knew those who did not accept her at all
  • She knew those who loved her
  • She knew when she had done something wrong.
  • She knew when someone was sorry.

All these, she knew even before she realized what the word “hello” meant in their language…

You get the gist here?

You are communicating every time. You are communicating even when you are not. Mankind has universal languages, one of which is Actions.

The mind, which knows how to interpret the words also sometimes interprets the actions. Yes, there are times when you misread an action. But the basic ones are always interpreted correctly.

So how you act towards that person goes a long way to show that you care or don’t care about the person. How you treat that person shows if you want them to succeed or not.

How you react to certain situations will show them if you are really who you say you are.

It’s easy to say “The reason why I did it is this…” No one knows that reason inside your head, all they see is the action you displayed… And that is who you have become as long as they are concerned…

Knowing this, you can start to sincerely act right towards people. The “heart” is where actions are conceived. That is where your true feelings lie. Love, hate, anger, jealousy, kindness all come from there and without your knowledge, the body acts it out and another interprets it out…

Remedy you ask?

Proverbs 4:23- “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring forth the issues if life”.

From a good heart comes good actions. If your actions aren’t good enough as it is,  Change the things you grow or allow to grow in your heart.

Intentionally choose the thoughts you want to harbor and filter the negative ones.

Ask God for support, He is our ever present Help in times of need.

Once you do this, you would have changed the content of your heart and consequently, you actions.

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