Light And Life – 1

John 1:4: In Him (The Word of God) was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.

The making of man was a very complex event that was spearheaded by God, and executed by both The Word of God and The Spirit of God. The idea was that Man should be like God.

God is the Father of Light, it then follows that Light will be a major component in the fabric of man seeing that man is a derivative of God.

How does Light become Life?

The same way light is the source of life for plants, that is the same way light is the source of life for humans.

For the plants, the source of light is the Sun, For Man, the source of Light is The Word of God.

Every Enlightenment that didn’t originate from the Word of God a.k.a Scriptures of Truth, will eventually become the source of darkness that will derail that individual’s or community’s destiny and life.

The extent to which your mind is enlightened by the Word of God and the Spirit of God, that is the extent to which the God-Life can be manifested in you and through you.

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