Letter To Dear God

Get two plain sheets and place them side by side. On one, pen down all the good You’ve received from God since you were born. On the other sheet pen down all the outstanding things He hasn’t done including the unanswered prayers.

Sometimes the unanswered prayers is God preparing to give you the best, building patience, growth, empathy rather than sympathy or your request may be destructive to you and He doesn’t want to lose you.

Are you done with the writing? Do you notice that the goodness you’ve received from God is more than the outstanding things and unanswered prayers?

But how much of gratitude have you shown Him rather than asking and complaining.

Take these few minutes and read out this letter to God. It’s a letter of gratitude.

Dearest God,

Good morning Lord.

It’s me again.

I’m up because of You.

I’m breathing because of You.

I’m here because of You.

You are simply the reason I’m alive.

You have never given up on me even when I fail and have failed You countless number of times.

Sometimes I wonder why You’re still interested in me.

In my fears You’ve given me faith.

In my worries You’ve given me peace.

In my grief You’ve given me comfort.

In sadness You’ve given me joy.

In darkness You’ve given me Light.

In lack You’ve provided for me.

In labor You’ve given me profit.

In loneliness You’ve given me You.

In complementing me You’ve given me one of Your sons for a husband.

In travail You’ve given me a child to hold.

In sickness You’ve given me healing.

In confusion You’ve given me clarity.

In weakness You’ve given me strength.

In mistakes You’ve right my wrong.

In tiredness You’ve given me sweet sleep.

In sin You’ve offered me mercy.

Thank You for the unanswered prayers. I may not know 100% why the prayers were unanswered but I know You have a reason(s).

I’m so sorry Dearest God for always complaining and neglecting Your goodness.

How can I pay You for all You’ve done for me and are still doing? I don’t have words and resources to really show my gratitude and even if I have them it wouldn’t be sufficient to appreciate You enough. But You see my heart with sincerity and humility I say Thank You Dear God.

I love Dearest God. I truly do. Thank You once again.

Your daughter,

Put your name.

When you don’t think of the past goodness of God, you will make a mess of the present and future. A Gracious Woman is a woman filled with gratitude.

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