Lens of Experience

Everyone had a unique childhood. There are barely two different people from two different families who had the same experiences growing up.

Some grew up poor,

Some grew up average,

Some grew up amidst wealth,

But now we are all grown to an extent, did we stop to think that probably our growing up has a lot to do with our perspective about life or even the way we live it?

It can make you a champion or make you a failure.

We will see how someone’s routine changed his lens. 1st Samuel 17:32-58(read it with yourself in mind)

David spent time with his father’s sheep, so much that he barely had time to associate and socialize like a normal youth. When you read more about him, you will see how that built a mind of humility and total dependence in God. He was schooled by the sheep.

But I want to speak more on how it affected the way he saw and dealt with Goliath. All threats seemed alike to him; his major sources of threat(lion and bear) have always been bigger than him and ferocious, and Goliath was no different.

While people who spent time dealing(socializing) with their fellow same sized men saw a bigger and terrible man, like Saul whose biggest task as a youth was to take servants and look for lost donkeys saw a terror to his kingdom. It made no difference to the one who handled wilder and more deadly animals. This “animal” is just like one of them. That was his ‘victory speech’ and he conquered.


Alright back to 2020.

How was your childhood and how has it affected the way you see life? Did you know that God has plans for your present and future, using the things He allowed you to experience as a child?

Prayer point : Father, I know my past experiences are to serve a purpose for You. Let me find myself in that purpose.

What are you exposing yourself to as a teenager? Are they the things that God can use? Remember it will fuel your perspective of life later on. Please in everything you do, be Sensitive to God and He will direct you into a life that will be useful to Him, after all, it is your whole duty to Him – to be useful.

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