As always, there were leftovers in every home, even after Jesus fed the multitudes.

But then, who loves to eat leftover food? 

The majority of people would prefer to eat the food fresh and hot.

How, then, do we think that God would love to eat the leftovers? 

He loves it fresh and hot!

We use all the time in our hands and then give God a leftover 5 minutes daily. Sometimes, we don’t give Him time at all. We starve Him of our love (time and resources).

How about the leftover service we render, including the rendering of polluted and eye services?

Remember, the man was made in the likeness of God. So if a man doesn’t appreciate leftover food, leftover love, leftover attention, and so on, so does God. Do not think that God is any less in His preferences.

God should have most of everything about our lives while we have the leftovers.

When Cain offered a leftover offering to God, He rejected the offering and rejected Cain as well.

Saul acted contrary to God’s instructions and afterward brought God a leftover sacrifice (King Agag). But God did not only reject the leftover, He also rejected Saul himself. 

God will not fail to reject any leftover offered to him. Remember, you stand a chance of being rejected, also.

The best way to show love is through actions, gestures, and behaviour. The proof of love is demonstrated not only in words but in actions. It is expected to reciprocate the genuine love lavished on you. If not returned, you don’t love them as they love you.

God has demonstrated His ultimate love to us by sacrificing His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. His love is evident in His daily mercies, protection, provision, gift of the Holy Spirit, etc. And to date, He keeps showering His love on us.

We enjoy His love, but unfortunately, He doesn’t get the same or a significant dose from us.

We give Him leftovers of our time and resources because we’re in a hurry to attend to other things or when we have been disappointed by/in someone/something, so we turn to Hirealizingng His sufficiency.

Do you treat God as a dog you leave the leftovers for or as GOD?

Do you treat God as your servant who you can send on an errand or as your Boss whom you should be loyal to?

Do you treat God as your child or as a Father?

The way and manner you treat God, will you guilelessly be satisfied if the one you love and sacrifice for treats you in such a way

We must always know that God is the greatest and of more value than our parents, spouse, children, or even our dear friends. 

Remember, the leftovers (crumbs) belong to the dog, not our GOD.

The same measure you treat God will directly affect how He treats you.

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