Kill That Monkey

What if you knew that you could have saved your mother if you had acted a bit faster?
If you could reverse that moment, you would do just that wouldn’t you?
Well now is the opportunity for you to reverse what has not happened yet.

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. This is because life is just like a bag of days. Once a day is taken out, it is gone. No day is reusable and no day comes back after you have used it. So what you use each day to do really matters.
Fortunately, you are a creature of choice and unfortunately, you are a creature of choice. This means you have the ability to make yourself and also you have the ability to mar yourself, depending on the choice you make today.

One this that takes a huge bite out of your days is PROCRASTINATION
Remember the first question I asked. There is a lot you can avoid or achieve if you didn’t postpone it to ‘next time’.

Procrastination is a monkey that doesn’t have any idea how serious you need to be with your life so the earlier you kill it, the better for your future.

One advise,do not always insist to yourself on doing it perfectly, you might find yourself procrastinating till you find the ‘perfect’ time and condition which may never come.
Do it now…

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