It’s Your Race

You will meet dead ends, you will meet great obstacles, you will meet negative energy stronger than yours, pulling so hard in the opposite direction.

But always remind yourself that you have all it takes to live the life that has been given to you to live. God will not give you a life if He wouldn’t give you all the tools and necessities to live it.

If a life has been given to you, just know that automatically, all the hardware, programs and tools needed to live that life came with that life. Also emergency tools have been given to you, should you at some point encounter problems or veer off course.

So, no matter how far you have gone off course, or the damage, you can also make something great out of your life if you choose to make use of the right tools.

  • The word of GOD
  • Prayer and spiritual activities; Don’t ever underestimate the importance of connecting to the Spirit. It is where your essence flows from. It is your source; disconnect from it and you are doomed.

Remember this: if you don’t do anything for yourself, there is no one who can do it for you. No one.

You can’t depend on anyone to run your race not even your parents because they are too busy running theirs.

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